Hepa supp tm Reno Pro tm

Dolfy was brought to the clinic, following a decrease in fitness and appetite. A blood test revealed very severe renal failure and cholestasis. Renal values were very high: urea 1.78 g/l (standards: 0.19 to 0.60 g/l) and creatinine 38.8 mg/l (standards 3.1 to 14 mg/l). The ALKP enzymes were 244 u/l (max 130 u/l). So Dolfy was hospitalized and put on IV for 3 days. Once his condition stabilized, Dolfy went home with 2 Miloa treatments: Reno Pro TM for kidney failure and Hepa Supp TM for fighting cholestasis. Treatments were administered at ½ Tab per day for each treatment. Dolfy returned to the clinic for a check-up. He recovered his usual energy and appetite. He also gained weight: he went from 5.5kg to 5.850kg. A routine blood test was performed. Kidney and liver values have returned to normal. The urea decreased to 0.14 g/l, creatinine to 8 mg/l, and ALKP to 59 u/l. The Reno Pro TM and Hepa Supp TM treatments will therefore be continued in the long term. A blood test will be performed every 3 months to verify that the values remain within the standards.

Dr. Vinciane Pirotte - Veterinary Clinic Du Levant - Ligny-en-Barrois