Reno Pro tm

The kidneys produce urine. They operate like a biological treatment plant, cleaning the blood, eliminating waste and retaining important nutrients such as water, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates.

They also synthesise hormones: erythropoietin, which stimulates the production of red blood cells; calcitriol, an active form of vitamin D; and renin, which plays a role in blood pressure. The kidneys maintain the hydro-electrolytic balance.


Polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate in green tea, and vitamin E are powerful natural antioxidants that help neutralise free radicals.

All the nutritional components of Miloa Reno Pro TM work together to support renal function. Reno Pro TM is low in phosphorus.


  • Fish meal
  • Orthosiphon
  • Lespedeza
  • Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo)
  • Camellia sinensis (green tea)
    rich in polyphenols
  • Fish oil rich in EPA and DHA


  • For dogs and cats < 10 kg:1/2 tab/d
  • Dogs between 10 and 20 kg: 1 tab/d
  • Dogs between 20 and 30 kg:2 tab/d
  • Dogs > 30 kg:3 tab/d

Follow your vet’s advice. The tablets are extremely palatable. Most cats and dogs will swallow them without fuss, but they can also be crushed and mixed with food.


Keep in a cool, dry place (< 25 °C). Use within 24 months of the date of manufacture. Keep out of reach of children. Close securely after use.


Box with 30 palatable tablets.
Each tablet weighing 2.3 g.
Net contents: 69 g.