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The liver fulfils a great many functions in the body. It stores, metabolises and synthesises a large number of essential substances and eliminates toxins. It is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids (including cholesterol). It secretes bile, transport proteins such as albumin, and coagulation factors.

It stores vitamins A, D, K, E and B2, iron and copper. It converts the inactive form of vitamin D into the active form. It converts ammonia produced by the digestive tract into urea. It breaks down and destroys toxins and drugs. It “orchestrates” the body’s whole metabolism.


The nutritional components of Miloa Hepa Supp TM work together to support hepatic (liver) function. Taurine and curcumin are natural antioxidants that help neutralise free radicals. Silymarin in milk thistle is a powerful liver protector.


  • Amino acids: Taurine25 g/kg


  • Fish meal
  • Curcumin-rich Curcuma longa (turmeric)
  • Fish oils rich in EPA/DHA
  • Cynara scolymus (artichoke)
  • Silymarin-rich Silybum marianum
    (milk thistle)


  • For dogs and cats < 10 kg:1/2 tab/d
  • Dogs between 10 and 20 kg: 1 tab/d
  • Dogs between 20 and 30 kg:2 tab/d
  • Dogs > 30 kg:3 tab/d

The quantity of Hepa Supp TM given may vary according to your pet’s needs. The tablets are extremely palatable. Most cats and dogs will swallow them without fuss, but they can also be crushed and mixed with food.


Store in a cool (< 25 °C) and dry place in original packaging. Keep away from the sun light. Close tightly after opening. Keep out of reach of children. Best before 24 months after the date of manufacture. Batch number and date of manufacture: see packaging.


Box with 30 palatable tablets.
Each tablet weighing 1.9 g.
Net weight: 57 g.

They are using Hepa supp tm

Hepa supp tm Reno Pro tm
Dolfy was brought to the clinic, following a decrease in fitness and appetite. A blood test revealed very severe renal failure and cholestasis. Renal values were very high: urea 1.78 g/l (standards: 0.19 to 0.60 g/l) and creatinine 38.8 mg/l (standards 3.1 to 14 mg/l). The ALKP enzymes were 244 u/l (max 130 u/l). So Dolfy was hospitalized and put on IV for 3 days. Once his condition stabilized, Dolfy went home with 2 Miloa treatments: Reno Pro TM for kidney failure and Hepa Supp TM for fighting cholestasis. Treatments were administered at ½ Tab per day for each treatment. Dolfy returned to the clinic for a check-up. He recovered his usual energy and appetite. He also gained weight: he went from 5.5kg to 5.850kg. A routine blood test was performed. Kidney and liver values have returned to normal. The urea decreased to 0.14 g/l, creatinine to 8 mg/l, and ALKP to 59 u/l. The Reno Pro TM and Hepa Supp TM treatments will therefore be continued in the long term. A blood test will be performed every 3 months to verify that the values remain within the standards.

Dr. Vinciane Pirotte - Veterinary Clinic Du Levant - Ligny-en-Barrois

Hepa supp tm
Moustique, a small crossed male Griffon dog, born in April 2005, is followed for a diabetes problem since December 2017. He’s been on insulin ever since diabetes was detected. But recently, he started drinking more than usual. A blood test in January 2019 revealed that Moustique suffers from liver failure following diabetes. The blood sample showed a significant increase in ALT (152U/I, max 100U/I) and ALKP (899 U/I, max 212 U/I). Moustique was then prescribed Hepa Supp TM at a dose of 1 tablet daily. Moustique was viewed in clinic on 14/02/2019. He is better: he drinks well and eats normally again. It was therefore decided to continue the treatment of Hepa Supp TM for life, in order to maintain the positive effects of the treatment. Moustique takes his treatment like a treat.

Miss Cecilia Chayouw