Miloa has always been at the heart of precious terroirs which provide us with the quintessence of their effectiveness.


The DVEL is an association which brings together students who have chosen to put their skills at the service of people on the street...




Immune Supp tm

Here is Délice, a female Aries rabbit, sterilized and 7.5 years old. She came to see me for vestibular syndrome. She had a stiff neck, she fell on her left side on her own. She was unable to stand up straight and for 12 hours she had been unable to eat or drink. During the clinical examination, I highlighted a soft lump the size of a walnut under his left ear which looked like an abscess. Everything else about my exam was normal. On the x-ray, I saw a marked opacity of the left tympanic bulla. To date, the mass…

Veterinary Doctor Mylène Peeters-Çavdar, Practitioner for Exotic Pets, Olbia Veterinary Clinic in Hyères - France

Omega Supp tm Reno Pro tm

Tchyco arrived in a very thin state at the Noah’s Ark shelter in August 2023. He was only 2 and a half years old. He had many symptoms which suggested that he was ill: several skin lesions, very pale mucous membranes, lameness, very damaged eye area, anorexia. Volunteering at the shelter, I immediately fell in love with him. Quickly, my family and I became his new family for life. It was important to quickly offer him a calm environment, a suitable diet and a lot of love to help him get back on his feet. He was quickly seen by…

Lise Biagi - Maisières - Belgium

Anti-Ox tm Hepa supp tm Zen Supp tm

Thank you for your availability, your advice and answers to our questions, as well as for your quality products whose effectiveness without side effects amazes me every time. Anti-Ageing™ and Anti-Ox™ are not the only Miloa products I give to my dog. I also occasionally give him Zen Supp™ because he is naturally quite anxious and is more and more so as he gets older. He stresses a lot during vet visits, changes in his habits and during fireworks, firecrackers... etc. I tried lots of other products. Zen Supp™ is the only one that soothes him enough and that he…

François Wanguer

Reno Pro tm

Lunard is a 1-year-old castrated male rabbit was presented for consultation for uncleanliness, excessive water intake and very liquid feces. A blood test was taken showing a marked elevation in renal parameters and antibodies against the parasite Encephalotizoon Cuniculi. Sanji is a 2 year old castrated male presented for decreased appetite and significant weight loss. He drank more than usual. Just like Lunard, he suffered from an E.cuniculi infection and had increased kidney parameters. For Sanji and Lunard, urinary symptoms quickly improved following taking anti-parasitic and Reno Pro™ from Miloa (1/2 tab per day continuously for 1 month) to support…

Veterinarian Sophie Ventura - Specialized in pathology and breeding of exotic pets - Anicura Clinique du Château in Gembloux

Hepa supp tm Omega Supp tm

Coco is a 6-year-old obese rosalbin, with lipomas (fat mass), dull plumage and a lack of energy. He hardly spoke anymore. His diet consisted of seed mixtures. Following a dietary rebalancing and thanks to the addition of Omega Supp™ and Hepa Supp™ from Miloa, Coco lost weight and his plumage became shinier. The owners were happy to find their companion as before. In birds, many pathologies such as hepatic lipidosis, atherosclerosis and pododermatitis are favored by obesity. Omega Supp™, thanks to its essential fatty acids, helps prevent the metabolic and digestive changes that can occur with age. In addition, Hepa…

Veterinarian Sophie Ventura - Specialized in pathology and breeding of exotic pets - Anicura Clinique du Château in Gembloux

Flex Miloa tm

Sky is our beloved cat and he will soon be 14 years old. With age, he presents locomotor problems. He has difficulty moving and limps. This handicaps him a lot. We did x-rays which did not allow us to make a precise diagnosis. He received anti-inflammatories for a few days and then we took over with Flex Miloa™. With the Flex Miloa™, we massaged his hind legs every 2 days. Sky enjoyed his massage sessions which relieved him. After a fortnight of using Flex Miloa™, we noticed that Sky was no longer in pain and was moving around much more…

Mme Maria Dias de Beine-Nauroy – France

Respi Miloa tm

Severus is our 8 year old female cat. Unfortunately, she has suffered from respiratory problems for several years (chronic coryza) which regularly require occasional treatments. Last month, her condition deteriorated sharply. She sneezed all the time, she had severe difficulty breathing and she had a purulent nasal discharge. Her veterinarian as usual put her on antibiotics but for the first time also used Respi Miloa™. We locked Severus up in a closed transport box with a bowl of hot water in which we added 4 drops of Respi Miloa™, and covered the transport box with a thick blanket so that…

Arnaud Boulet – Charleville-Mézières – France

Ultra Sweet tm

Lily is a 2-year-old European female cat who spends her life outdoors. Its long-haired angora-type coat tends to get tangled easily, especially with its outdoor cat lifestyle (earth, foliage, vegetation, etc.). Ultra Sweet™ is a shampoo which is very pleasant to handle. It has a light texture and a very pleasant fruity scent which is absorbed into the coat. A light foam forms quickly and is very easy to rinse. Its detangling power makes brushing easier and adds shine. The hair is soft, very fragrant and very silky.

Valérie Paruch – Château-Thierry – France

Zen Supp tm

I want to tell you about my European cat “Osalia”. She has a very special character. She is a fan of aggressiveness through irritation. She has been on Zen Supp™ since October 17. I noticed an improvement after one month of treatment. My cat is calmer and less stressed. She gets more approachable. In conclusion, I recommend Zen Supp™ to improve difficult behavior and aggressiveness in your cats.

Léa Aubert de Château-Thierry – France

Anti Ageing tm Anti-Ox tm

The effect on my dog is truly incredible and unexpected, after almost 3 challenging months of intestinal problems with a big drop in shape and weight, after trying other supplements and several changes to his household ration, in vain. And because since Anti-Ox™, my dog has truly come back to life and that is priceless. And I thank you so much for that. Nobu is a 11 1/2 year old collie with a history of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CIBD) and numerous food intolerances. He also has hypothyroidism (treated). Apart from that, he is still very fit, very active, with…

François Wanguer

Energy Supp tm Zen Supp tm

I adopted Lara as a kitten in Guadeloupe. She’s nearly 3 now and has feline calicivirus. She has a habit of attacking my other cats when she's in a bad mood. Thanks to Zen SuppTM, she’s more docile and has stopped fighting with the others. I also give her Energy SuppTM to get her back on her feet quickly.

Corinne Moreau

Anti Ageing tm Energy Supp tm

Happy, my Yorkshire Terrier, is nearly 13 and has Cushing’s disease. He’s currently on a daily dosage of: 1/2 an Anti-AgeingTM tablet 1/2 an Energy SuppTM tablet Since I’ve been using Miloa products combined with herbal medicine, I’ve noticed that the hair on his ears has been growing back. The skin colour on the inside of his ears is also back to normal. The Cushing’s had made it go completely black. His muzzle looks less “bald” too. The Cushing’s had made the fur there very fine and rough. I used to be able to clip him four or five times…

Corinne Moreau

Immune Supp tm

We have a godmother at the association, and we don't talk about her enough on our web page, while her gifts are gold, yes yes gold! I'm talking about veterinary doctor Estelle Lhoest and her Veterinary Expert Miloa products. Estelle has been helping us for many years now, and frankly, I consider her as our godmother. She advises us with respect to our little protégés, most of whom have a lack of immunity, digestion problems, chronic coryzas ... in short, everything the street offers them before arriving at our home. We supplement our darlings with her tablets. This year especially,…

Poils et Moustaches - Animal shelter - Non-profit organisation whose main purpose is STERILIZATION and CARE for STRAY CATS

Zen Supp tm

This is Dirham, a 10-and-a-half-year-old Belgian Malinois. She weighs 20kg and shows signs of stress daily. Dirham is a very sensitive dog and panics at the slightest noise. Fireworks and firecrackers put her into an uncontrollable state of stress. Three weeks ago, I started giving her Zen Supp TM at a dose of 2 tablets a day. Although she is still a little anxious in certain situations, Dirham has become calmer and less stressed. For 4 days now, I have given her 4 tablets in the morning: a miracle, I have found my dog, she plays again, wags her tail like…

Anne-Laure Ben Hamou, Specialist Veterinary Assistant - Veterinary clinic - Vaujours

Mobility Supp tm Reno Pro tm

First of all, Vadim is a dog who has practised agility for many years. Due to his old age he now has osteoarthritis. He has had a small kidney failure for about a year. Anti-inflammatory drugs are therefore not recommended for him, which is why he takes Mobility Supp TM tablets every day for his joints and Reno Pro TM tablets for his kidneys. With these products Vadim is doing very well. His owners explained to us that when their dog stays 3 days without Mobility Supp TM he starts to limp and suffer again. Thanks to the Reno Pro tablets his kidney…

Christelle, Specialist Veterinary Assistant - Semur-en-Auxois

Mobility Supp tm

Yoda is a seven-year-old Malinois shepherd. After taking X-rays, I realized that he was suffering in silence from arthritic lumbosacral pain. I started Mobility Supp TM from Miloa. After 10 days, he had found a spirit that I had not seen in him for years. Today, Yoda takes Mobility Supp TM daily and devours life!

Dr Jean Marie Bryskier - Veterinary Office De La Chaussée - Chauny

Mobility Supp tm

Hello, I’m Harlem, a Veterinarian’s Australian shepherd dog and I’m 6 years old. I do Agility ;-) (and I’m pretty good without bragging), but one day I sprained my right foreleg. Since then, every time I play crazy, I limp for two or three days. My mom decided to try Mobility Supp TM and since then, I no longer limp after the efforts I put in. I can continue to be crazy and I love it!

Dr Marion Brignoli - Les Renardières veterinary clinic - Pont-sur-Yonne

Anti Ageing tm

Asterix is a Labrador, nearly 14 years old, and has been taking Anti-Ageing TM daily for a year. This treatment was prescribed because he was feeling out of sorts and had no appetite. Since he started on Anti-Ageing TM, his owner feels he has been livelier and more alert for a dog of his age and he has regained his appetite.

Julie, Specialist Veterinary Assistant - Myvet veterinary clinic in Saint-Saulve

Mobility Supp tm

Hulysse is a 12 year old Pyrenean Shepherd. For several months, he has had osteoarthritis problems on his hind legs, difficulty climbing stairs, jumping into the car, jumping on the chair. He screamed with each jump and he could even fall to the ground because his jump was not high enough, or he did not have the strength in the hind legs. Since he gets Mobility Supp TM by Miloa, I have seen a big improvement. He no longer screams when he jumps. The jumps appear easier to manage. As a result, I continue this treatment which relieves him really well.

Jeanine, his owner

Mobility Supp tm

I am the owner of Capi, a 12-year-old male Cavalier King Charles. I am very pleased with Miloa Mobility Supp TM. Capi has reacted very well to his treatment: as early as the 2 nd week, he became more lively. Whereas before, he could no longer jump on the couch. With Mobility Supp TM, he has a second youth. Thank you!

Mr Feron David - Department of Meuse

Anti Ageing tm

Buzz is 13 and last Christmas he had symptoms suggesting either a stroke or a brain tumour. He was disoriented and generally listless. He’s been taking two of the round grey Anti-Ageing TM tablets every day for the past three months and is livelier these days. I ran out of them for a week and really noticed a difference, in that he was disoriented and sluggish. Dr Boulay at the veterinary clinic in Belleville-sur-Saône advised me that he should continue the treatment for the rest of his life.

Mrs Stéphanie Ponthus - Belleville-sur-Saône

Mobility Supp tm

Hello, My name is Aurélie Lecachux. I'm a veterinarian in Haute Savoie. I advised Mobility Supp TM Miloa to Mrs Montheil for her dog, Apache, a 15 year-old golden retriever who suffers from severe motor difficulties. The dog has been taking it for 2 months and now walks and gets up on its own. The improvements are spectacular.

Dr Aurélie Lecacheux (Veterinary clinic Nac et Compagnie) - Sillingy

Mobility Supp tm

Isterik will be 10 years old on 29 August this year and for several months she had been having difficulty walking. She seemed to tire very easily and often limped on her front leg. X-rays didn’t reveal anything serious, other than an osteophyte (like Tyson) and a touch of osteoarthritis in her right front elbow. She’s been taking Mobility Supp TM Miloa products since December. There are no real visible signs of improvement in her gait or stamina yet, but there has been no further deterioration since she started the treatment. I must say, however, she does seem to have a…

Dr Laetitia Boland (CHV NordVet) - La Madeleine

Cardio Supp tm

Haribo, my 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been on Cardio Supp TM for the past year to treat his heart murmur. The medication has a nice taste and he takes it without any problem. His health is much improved and he doesn’t get as out of breath as he used to. This product is effective and can be easily cut up – I recommend it.

Energy Supp tm

A great hunter, Pascal Guillaumot from Soussey de Brionne pushed his passion quite far and hunted with his dogs without a rifle. To do this, he has assembled a small pack of running dogs: tricolour Anglo-Français de Petite Véneries. Honey is a 40kg dog, a true Formula 1 of a hunting dog, he is the leader of the pack who, all of a sudden, begins to no longer hunt, tire and doesn’t follow the others. His dogs never stop and can hunt for an entire day and be energised for the next day. He makes a calculated ration but some…

Dr Ventard

Anti Ageing tm

Since about 3 to 4 months our 12-year-old Yorkie Bill has appeared more and more absent, in his own world, straight on his 4 paws, with a fixed gaze, no reaction to being called, nor to the ring of the front doorbell... We talked to our veterinarian who prescribed Anti-Ageing TM Miloa and within a week we felt the results. It’s a real boost. He became attentive again, almost no more absences. A new-found energy! This Anti-Ageing TM herbal supplement that we mix with his kibbles will be for life but the well-being of our companion has no price.

Miss Maryse DELSART

Zen Supp tm

For the record, I adopted Crysis from the animal shelter in Saint Etonne on 10 February 2017 when she was 2½ years old. Unfortunately, she had suffered a lot of ill-treatment in her short life. She was abandoned a day after giving birth and her torturer killed her litter of pups. When she first came to us, she was fearful of everything, especially people. The slightest noise or any sudden movement and she’d get in a right state. Over time, the situation improved thanks to a lot of patience, training and therapeutic agility classes. Then while we were out one…

Many thanks to you, Crysis and Marion

Mobility Supp tm

Diablo is an 11 years and 8 months old crossed Labrador. I am very happy with Miloa Mobility Supp TM. My dog Diablo takes it very easily and has less pain in the morning.


Mobility Supp tm

This is Apple, a 9½-year-old male weighing 45 kg, whom I saw at the clinic when he came in for his annual check-up and vaccinations last January. His clinical examination was fine, apart from a few issues with bones and joints: he was experiencing a sharp pain when his right hip was extended and pressure on the lumbar vertebrae also caused him discomfort. I suggested to the owner that she should bring him back in a week’s time for an osteopathy session (I couldn’t do it any sooner) and that we should start him on Mobility Supp TM as a disease-modifying…

Dr Lucas Sanier - Saint Mathieu veterinary clinic

Zen Supp tm

A Labrador and Golden Retriever cross breed, Lexie is full of energy! On July 28th, 2019, her 3rd birthday, she had her first epileptic seizure. Following a blood test, her wonderful veterinarian advised us to start with a mild treatment. It has been more than 6 months since we gave her 1tbl/day of Zen Supp TM Miloa (or 2tbl/day during stressful episodes (trips…). Lexie is alleviated and her seizures are more spaced than ever.

Dr Christelle Vernex-Lozet - Veterinary Clinic de la Versoie

Hepa supp tm Reno Pro tm

Dolfy was brought to the clinic, following a decrease in fitness and appetite. A blood test revealed very severe renal failure and cholestasis. Renal values were very high: urea 1.78 g/l (standards: 0.19 to 0.60 g/l) and creatinine 38.8 mg/l (standards 3.1 to 14 mg/l). The ALKP enzymes were 244 u/l (max 130 u/l). So Dolfy was hospitalized and put on IV for 3 days. Once his condition stabilized, Dolfy went home with 2 Miloa treatments: Reno Pro TM for kidney failure and Hepa Supp TM for fighting cholestasis. Treatments were administered at ½ Tab per day for each treatment. Dolfy returned…

Dr. Vinciane Pirotte - Veterinary Clinic Du Levant - Ligny-en-Barrois

Anti Ageing tm Cardio Supp tm

This is Abby, a castrated Brittany aged 14 years and 2 months and weighing 12.5 kg, who has stage C dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). His existing treatment was Benazepril (ACEI: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor) in a single dose of 0.4 mg/kg/d, in addition to one Anti-Ageing TM tablet every morning since he suffered a stroke. About ten days after having his stroke and starting on Anti-Ageing TM, there was a marked improvement and some four weeks later he’d completely recovered from the stroke without any after-effects. He then began to get increasingly breathless and developed a cough. A cardiopulmonary examination revealed pulmonary oedema and…

Dr Lucas Sanier - Saint Mathieu veterinary clinic

Zen Supp tm

My cat Pimousse had been showing symptoms of agitation and anxiety episodically for some time. I no longer recognized her, she started meowing loudly, for no reason, which is not her habit. She also followed me around the apartment, whereas she is usually a quiet and calm pussy. Subsequently, these "crises" became almost daily. Concerned, I finally talked to her vets who recommended a treatment with Miloa's Zen Supp TM. She takes half a tablet a day and I can tell you that the treatment was effective very quickly. The symptoms almost disappeared in 24 - 48 hours.

Dr. Carole Saïag

Reno Pro tm

Delta, a 10-year-old spayed Labrador, had an incidental finding of an atrophic kidney when she came to us for a routine consultation in January 2018. The dog had been monitored with regular blood tests, which had not shown up any abnormalities until then (urea and creatinine levels were normal). After an ultrasound scan indicated the kidney problem, a urine analysis was carried out but revealed no abnormalities. Her SDMA (a biomarker for early detection of kidney disease) was high, however, which prompted her owner to agree to start her on renal support treatment with Miloa’s Reno Pro TM (one tablet a…

Dr. Sarah Grenet - Veigy Foncenenex

Hepa supp tm

Moustique, a small crossed male Griffon dog, born in April 2005, is followed for a diabetes problem since December 2017. He’s been on insulin ever since diabetes was detected. But recently, he started drinking more than usual. A blood test in January 2019 revealed that Moustique suffers from liver failure following diabetes. The blood sample showed a significant increase in ALT (152U/I, max 100U/I) and ALKP (899 U/I, max 212 U/I). Moustique was then prescribed Hepa Supp TM at a dose of 1 tablet daily. Moustique was viewed in clinic on 14/02/2019. He is better: he drinks well and eats normally…

Miss Cecilia Chayouw

Reno Pro tm

Zoe was taken for a consultation in February 2018 because she drank and urinated a lot. Zoe is a sterilized European cat, born in August 2003. A blood test showed that she suffered from kidney failure. Urea and creatinine were increased (urea: 0.9 g/l, max = 0.6 g/l and creatinine 14.8 mg/l, max = 14 mg/l). Since then, Zoe has been on Reno Pro TM at half a tablet a day. Zoe has been taking her treatment easily since that date and is doing well. She still has a good appetite despite her advanced age and kidney problems."

Dr. Vinciane Pirotte - Veterinary Clinic Du Levant - Ligny-en-Barrois

Mobility Supp tm

Mrs. Marie Tandrya, is a high quality French Bulldog breeder which she sells in Switzerland for a pretty penny. A small breeder with a dozen dogs, two male reproducers, two retired females, two young females and six female reproducers. She keeps her females and buys the males. Everything was going well for Jolie, a three-year-old bred and pregnant female when her back went out at around 1 month of gestation. It is her second gestation. We were supposed to take X-rays to try to see the number of puppies a little later, but this episode had us moving up the…

Dr Etienne Ventard

Digest Regul tm

Thank you, Digest Regul TM ! Thanks to you, my Looloo no longer has any flatulence problems. I strongly recommend it !!!

Kristel Mounivong

Mobility Supp tm

We put in place a treatment with Mobility Supp TM for Socrates, a 12-year-old castrated male Beauceron dog, because he had recurrent joint pains with numerous episodes of limping. Socrates was finding it more and more difficult to move around. Socrates has been taking his supplement for six months. Since being on Mobility Supp TM, Socrates is much more flexible. He has found his fervour during walks and only rarely limps. He manages to follow his fellow friends during the outings without showing signs of limping. Mobility Supp TM gives him daily comfort to limit joint pain related to his age.

Dr. Vinciane Pirotte - Veterinary Clinic Du Levant - Ligny-en-Barrois

Zen Supp tm

My little man of the past, otherwise known as Marley for close friends, uses Zen Supp TM from Miloa so it’s no stress for dog shows or travel, a real pleasure for everyone!

Corine M. - Venelle

Hepa supp tm Mobility Supp tm

A 15-year-old cross bred farm dog, who mostly uses the couch of the farm leading a peaceful existence in the Auxoise countryside after 4 years of couch surfing in a 20 m² apartment during Charline’s studies in Liege Belgium. She wasn’t even a guinea-pig at the University of Liege Veterinarian Department. Everything was going well when Charline wanted to do a pre-anaesthesia check-up to see if they could put Shaïna under in order to remove a lipoma from her thigh. The check-up was not very good with liver markers going in all directions. It was decided not to operate but……

Charline M. - Liège

Mobility Supp tm

Abyss is a 13-year-old American female Stafford Terrier. She has been experiencing locomoteur difficulties for 3 months with slight posterior paresis and quite severe pain. She eats kibbles for osteoarthritis and has been given anti-inflammatory drugs but has had vomiting, which has resulted in her stopping the treatment. We decided with her owner to place her under Miloa’s Mobility Supp TM, at the dose of 3 tablets per day. After 8 days, Abyss was relieved, she is in less pain and gets up more easily. The cure has been going on for 3 weeks now, she is more agile and does…

Dr. Buchet - Veterinary

Anti Ageing tm Hepa supp tm

Hello I am Maryline a veterinarian assistant at the veterinary clinic of the sitting dog in Voujeaucourt, France (Department 25), I present to you my little side kick of an old fellow of 14 years old, a Nizinny (A Polish Lowland Sheepdog) A little less than a year ago he was diagnosed with liver problems, to support his liver function we opted for natural dietary supplements, in particular Hepa Supp TM from Miloa, then to make his daily life easier with his osteoarthritis he tested Anti-Ageing TM, these tablets allowed him to regain a second youth, more vitality and appetite.

Maryline Schell, Veterinary Assistant - Veterinary Clinic of the Sitting Dog - Voujeaucourt

Reno Pro tm

My Cooky cat is a European male cat. A few months ago, seen as he was out of shape, we took him to the vet who took a blood sample. He actually has kidney failure and pancreatitis. Thanks to the use of Reno Pro TM, the progression of his disease has slowed.

Ms Hernould Cécile

Der Miloa tm Zen Supp tm

This is my two-year-old dog Palma. After excessive licking of her hind legs and interdigital spaces (anxiety problem?), Palma was placed on Zen Supp TM tablets and Der Miloa TM spray, which is applied locally on zones that are licked. Everything is now great.

Pauline Fiol - La Charmée

Reno Pro tm

Ganesh is a 8 Year old, castrated male Burmese cat. He started vomiting when he was 3 or 4 years old. Despite visits to various veterinarians, there was never any concern about these constant vomiting episodes. I didn’t notice any other worrying signs. During his annual visit at 7, the veterinarian decides to check his urea rate, as the Burmese cats are predisposed to kidney problems. The results of the blood test showed that her urea levels are indeed high. She decided to give her Reno Pro TM, ½ tab per day. After a month, her urea rate dropped. We continue…

Delphine Duflot

Anti Ageing tm

Ace and Bailey’s are both Australian Bouvier dogs 12.5 years old and 11.5 years old. Ace has been on Anti-Ageing TM for 2 years due to incontinence problems and other small concerns related to his age and since he started his treatment, he is doing very well and there are virtually no more incidents. Bailey’s was put on Anti-Ageing TM after a stroke and since then he has been in great shape. I inadvertently stopped treatment once for 2 weeks and I saw a real difference. I am not risking to forget it again.

Monique Bauer - Saint Laurent-d'Aigouze

Respi Miloa tm

Mistigri is a 5-year-old, sterilised, tortoiseshell European shorthair. She came to me with coryza and severe rhinitis. Her breathing and lung sounds were both very noisy and laboured. I began by prescribing oral antibiotics and inhalations of Respi Miloa TM. The owner returned the next day because she had not been able to get Mistigri to take the pills but she had managed to give her two inhalations. The difference was incredible. She no longer had a purulent nasal discharge and was clearly breathing much easier, although she was still wheezing. The lung sounds were also clearer. So I continued her…

Dr Julia Sibille - Richwiller veterinary clinic

Mobility Supp tm

Maurice is a 6-year-old male Pug. He has a previous history of joint pain, which is more acute on the rear left side, stiffness in cold weather and difficulty getting up and starting to move about. Once moving, he limps in both back legs and feels discomfort when he puts his weight on them. He has bilateral patellar instability. He’s been taking Mobility Supp TM for two weeks now and we’ve noticed his limping has improved and he is more flexible when he moves. Excellent appetite.

Dr Vinciane Pirotte in Ligny-en-Barrois

Cardio Supp tm

This is Diane, who came in for a heart scan, as she has class IA heart failure according to the International Small Animal Cardiac Health Council classification: no clinical signs ; no ventricular or atrial dilatation or hypertrophy. She has a grade 3/6 heart murmur She has mitral valve heart disease (there is thickening of the mitral valve and slight mitral reflux) Diane weighs 20 kg and I prescribed her 1 Cardio Supp TM pill every morning. This is currently her only treatment. So far, Diane is doing very well. She will have another heart scan in 8 to 10 months.

Dr Lucas Sanier - Saint Mathieu veterinary clinic

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