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Zen Miloa  tm

Zen Miloa TM is a blend of natural essential oils with soothing properties.

The essential oils it contains are known for their many properties. Zen Miloa TM is a really pleasant way to deodorise and refresh your home while diffusing a natural calmative.


Change the atmosphere in your home. A gentle fresh, natural, soothing fragrance!



    Natural essential oils:

  • Citrus sinensis organic
  • Lavandula X burnatii
  • Citrus paradisi
  • Citrus reticulata organic
  • Litsea cubeba
  • Cananga odorata
  • Citrus bergamia


Zen Miloa TM is for use in a spray bottle or diffuser. Do not apply to the skin.


  • Contains alcohol
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep away from open flames
  • Do not spray in the eyes
  • External use only
  • Use within 36 months of the date of manufacture


50 ml brown glass spray bottle.

They are using Zen Miloa tm

Zen Miloa tm
I’m a veterinary assistant in a clinic where we use Zen Miloa TM, mostly to calm stressed cats. I’ve seen for myself how fast it can work. We mainly put it on our hands and forearms before a consultation. I just love watching how frightened cats suddenly become “enamoured” with our hands. And it smells so nice too! That’s why I used it at home when I adopted my new kitten, Mint. Zen Miloa TM helps my veteran 17-year-old cat Sky come to terms with the new arrival, and prevents him getting too stressed. At last I have two Zen cats…

Sophie, Specialist Veterinary Assistant (ASV), Chanzy veterinary clinic - Toulouse

Zen Miloa tm
After micro-chipping and vaccinating eight puppies, my office smelled of fennec. I used Zen Miloa TM (a blend of essential oils with calming properties for dogs and cats) to get rid of the odour and called in my next clients. They were really lovely Belgians, who had come to show me a cat they had adopted from a rescue centre. While we were talking about food and beer, the cat fell asleep purring on the consultation table.

Dr Heck-Cornet from Carcassonne