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The heart is located in the thorax. Acting as a pump, it contracts rhythmically to transport the blood around the body. It is a hollow muscle comprising four cavities. There is a right heart and a left heart, separated by a wall called the septum. Each of these sides is divided into two, with the atria at the top and the ventricles below, separated by valves. The right (tricuspid) valve and the left (mitral) value open and close during contractions.

The right heart receives deoxygenated blood from the body and sends it to the lungs for oxygenation. The left heart receives the oxygenated blood from the lungs and pumps it to all parts of the body. For this reason, it is more developed than the right heart.


Cardio Supp TM Miloa helps to maintain optimum heart function. Olive, taurine, green tea polyphenols, Japanese pagoda tree, pomegranate and co-enzyme Q10 are powerful antioxidants that trap free radicals.


  • Vitamins: Vitamin E20,860 IU/kg
  • Amino acids: Taurine25 g/kg


  • Fish meal
  • Fish oil rich in EPA/DHA
  • Olea europaea (olive) 10 %
  • Styphnolobium japonicum
    (Japanese pagoda tree) 5%
  • Punica granatum (pomegranate) 3%
  • Camellia sinensis (green tea)
    rich in polyphenols
  • Inactive yeast rich in co-enzyme Q10


  • For dogs and cats < 10 kg:1/2 tab/d
  • Dogs between 10 and 20 kg: 1 tab/d
  • Dogs between 20 and 30 kg:2 tab/d
  • Dogs > 30 kg:3 tab/d

Cardio Supp TM is to be used as a supplement to an adapted diet. The tablets are extremely palatable. Most cats and dogs will swallow them without fuss, but they can also be crushed and mixed with food.


Store in a cool (< 25 °C) and dry place in original packaging. Keep away from the sun light. Close tightly after opening. Keep out of reach of children. Best before 24 months after the date of manufacture. Batch number and date of manufacture: see packaging.


Box with 60 palatable tablets.
Each tablet weighing 2.2 g.
Net weight: 132 g.

They are using Cardio Supp tm

Cardio Supp tm
Haribo, my 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been on Cardio Supp TM for the past year to treat his heart murmur. The medication has a nice taste and he takes it without any problem. His health is much improved and he doesn’t get as out of breath as he used to. This product is effective and can be easily cut up – I recommend it.

Anti Ageing tm Cardio Supp tm
This is Abby, a castrated Brittany aged 14 years and 2 months and weighing 12.5 kg, who has stage C dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). His existing treatment was Benazepril (ACEI: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor) in a single dose of 0.4 mg/kg/d, in addition to one Anti-Ageing TM tablet every morning since he suffered a stroke. About ten days after having his stroke and starting on Anti-Ageing TM, there was a marked improvement and some four weeks later he’d completely recovered from the stroke without any after-effects. He then began to get increasingly breathless and developed a cough. A cardiopulmonary examination revealed pulmonary oedema and also that his DCM had worsened since the previous check-up eight months earlier. I therefore supplemented his treatment with 2mg/kg/d Furosemide, administered in two daily doses, and one Cardio Supp TM tablet a day in the morning. As agreed, Abby’s owner called me ten days after the start of the new treatment and reported that Abby was beginning to feel much better and was much less tired than previously. A month later, during his clinical check-up, Abby was very lively and even tried to jump up onto the consultation table. Cardio Supp TM was always my second-line treatment for patients with cardiac problems, but I’ve been using it as the first-line treatment since Abby.

Dr Lucas Sanier - Saint Mathieu veterinary clinic