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10 years of Miloa

Ten years ago, nobody believed I could do it.
Worse still, people told me I was a dreamer and that my project would be too difficult to carry off.

And yet…

This year marks a milestone for me: Miloa is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021!
I remember it all got off to a tricky start…

When I embarked on my career as a vet nearly 20 years ago, I became convinced that plants were the future of animal well-being. I spent a huge amount of time looking for natural, high-quality, eco-friendly products that I could use to treat my sick patients.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t find natural products in the marketplace with a sufficiently high concentration of active ingredients and, crucially, with the right synergy between plants.

So I decided to start from scratch and develop them myself.

After five years of research and hard work, I founded Miloa in February 2011.

Ten years on, several thousand vets now offer both Miloa ranges comprising 15 products in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Many dedicated vets are looking to acquire expertise in phytotherapy, so I’ve set up the Miloa Academy to meet their needs. My dearest wish is to create a community of passionate professionals with whom I can share my knowledge through free online and face-to-face training. This will help to ensure that veterinary practices more in keeping with Miloa values become widespread.

Thank you for always believing in the success of Miloa and for your unstinting efforts to help improve our innovative solutions.


Doctor Veterinary Medicine Estelle Lhoëst
Founder of Miloa
POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Nutrition | University Degree in Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy