New improved formula for Hepa Supp et Mobility Supp

Hepa Supp TM and Mobility Supp TM now have a new, improved formula, with a higher concentration of turmeric.

You may have noticed that the colour of the tablets has changed from beige to yellow, so now you know why!

Turmeric is a yellow-coloured active ingredient extracted from the Curcuma longa plant, which is native to India. The increased turmeric content does not affect the way you give the supplement to your pet. It simply means you now have an even better product, as turmeric is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Added to Mobility Supp TM, it will help arthritic pets feel better, experience less pain and move around more easily. In Hepa Supp TM, it will reduce liver inflammation and will also generally improve pancreatic and digestive function. And all without side effects! Turmeric is also a very good antioxidant – much better than vitamins E or C – which can help combat the harmful effects of liver disease and osteoarthritis.

Ask your vet about these two products today. And if your pet is already taking Hepa Supp TM or Mobility Supp TM, there’s no need to change anything – just enjoy the enhanced beneficial effects!