Déluge saved

Large numbers of animals are abandoned every year and if a family is not found quickly, a dreadful fate awaits them (euthanasia). Miloa helps many charities and associations to take care of these poor creatures, which are looking for a home and a bit of love and care. We support various cat and dog shelters in Belgium and France. For the past few years, four cats, one dog and two tortoises, all abandoned, have been roaming Miloa’s offices and only recently we welcomed our first horse into the fold.

Déluge is a very old Camargue horse (he’ll soon be 30) used for herding bulls. These horses are born and live in the same pastures as the Camargue cattle. They are gentle, fearless and really quite stubborn. Following consecutive droughts in the Camargue region, there was not enough grass to feed all the horses in Déluge’s manade (semi-feral herd). Because he is old and frail, the other horses wouldn’t let him eat, so he was going to die. That’s why Miloa decided to adopt him and ensure he enjoys a comfortable retirement.

Please don’t buy animals. Adopt them. They need you.