Anti Ageing tm

Zorha was born on 24 April 2001. She’s a Labrador/Border Collie cross and was full of energy from a very young age. In 2015 she began to have some minor health problems. Nothing too alarming for a 14-year old doggy, just a few fleeting behavioural changes. She was beginning to show signs of age. In May 2016, disaster struck. She had a cerebral stroke. At night she would wander aimlessly about the house. Her sleep would be either very deep or very agitated and she was doing the toilet inside. She was becoming senile. Thanks to Anti-Ageing TM, she’s more alert, less restless in her sleep and has stopped doing the toilet in the house. After such a good result, I decided to try Anti-Ageing TM on her offspring, born on 13 July 2005, before the symptoms of senility appeared. And I notice a difference: the dogs are calmer and less impulsive. It’s difficult to put it into words but, believe me, investing in the well-being of the dogs has really paid off.

Mélanie Léonet - Specialist Veterinary Assistant from Incourt