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Let me introduce you to Crumble, a small 8-year-old male dwarf rabbit that I received for consultation because he urinated a lot and this caused his hair to become dirty around the genital area and hind legs.

Indeed, Crumble showed extensive dermatitis between and on the inside of the hind legs with hair loss. This caused very significant pain. His general condition remained good. Abdominal palpation showed a smaller kidney on the left than on the right but the owners refused an x-ray-exam.

A blood test showed normal dosage of urea and creatinine but total proteins were too high.

I decided to hospitalize him to rehydrate him by infusion and provide local care for 48 hours. He got home with a change in his diet, anti-inflammatory treatment and Reno Pro™ to preventively protect his kidney, as well as Der Miloa™ for local care on his paws. His condition improved after a few days.

Veterinary Doctor Mylène Peeters-Çavdar, Practitioner for Exotic Pets, Olbia Veterinary Clinic in Hyères – France