Digest Regul tm Hepa supp tm Mobility Supp tm

This is Jeep, who weighs 15 kg. Following a road traffic accident, I operated on him for a dislocation of the right elbow and a complex fracture of the left elbow, reduced by external fixators and nailing. Jeep had to be put under anaesthetic twice, on one occasion for quite a long time to allow me to fit the external fixators. Jeep has been on antibiotics (ABs), analgesic painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for two weeks now. His treatment also includes:

  • Hepa Supp TM 1 pill every morning to protect his liver and for its detoxifying properties ;
  • Digest Regul TM half a pill morning and evening to prevent any digestive problems that may be caused by the NSAIDs and ABs ;
  • Mobility Supp TM 1 pill every morning to support and protect the joint function and also for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Jeep is currently doing very well and his bones are healing.

Dr Lucas Sanier - Saint Mathieu veterinary clinic