Zen Supp tm

Norman is a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd. When he was 8 months old, he displayed signs of hyper-attachment and hyper-vigilance (scanning the environment regularly). His uneasiness manifested itself in destructive behaviour, the wooden doors in the house being the prime target. He caused havoc whenever we left him on his own. Even when we were there, he would whine and stopped wanting to play. So our vet advised us to try Zen Supp TM to soothe his anxiety and we noticed a definite improvement in his behaviour right away. He’s much calmer, has stopped whining and even plays by himself again. It hasn’t made him drowsy either. He’s also much less destructive. We’re still giving him Zen Supp TM and we change the dose if we’re going on holiday or we think he might potentially be stressed by something out of the ordinary.

Mrs Plateau from Potelle