At Miloa, we make every effort to offer you the best for your furry, scales or feathered companions.

This is why we are constantly improving our formulas. Thus, we recently added saffron in Zen Supp TM. Zen Supp TM offers you a complete solution to manage the stress of your animals, be it on a permanent or temporary basis. Zen Supp can be used if your pet is afraid of fireworks or transport, if it does not tolerate loneliness or is too nervous, effects improper marking or suffers repeatedly from cystitis, if it is epileptic and in many other cases or situations that your veterinarian is familiar with. Zen Supp is composed of calming plants and facilitates adaptation to stress.

It is now even more complete with saffron, a spice obtained from a crocus variety of oriental origin, Crocus Sativus. Saffron has recognized anxiolytic and antidepressant effects and is used in human medicine to manage mild to moderate depressions. It improves learning, memorization and has antioxidant effects. It is also beneficial for your elderly animals. Indeed, it allows an improvement in case of certain ocular pathologies like glaucoma.

It has anti-cancer properties by slowing the progression of tumors and strengthens the action of certain anti-cancer treatments. As each animal is unique, so will the administration of Zen Supp TM be. A discussion with your veterinarian and sometimes a gradual adaptation of the supplementation may be necessary to find the best dose and the best administration methods. The tablets can always be crushed and mixed with food for convenience.