Hepa supp tm Mobility Supp tm

A 15-year-old cross bred farm dog, who mostly uses the couch of the farm leading a peaceful existence in the Auxoise countryside after 4 years of couch surfing in a 20 m² apartment during Charline’s studies in Liege Belgium. She wasn’t even a guinea-pig at the University of Liege Veterinarian Department. Everything was going well when Charline wanted to do a pre-anaesthesia check-up to see if they could put Shaïna under in order to remove a lipoma from her thigh. The check-up was not very good with liver markers going in all directions. It was decided not to operate but… Shaïna was getting worse not eating, losing weight, and vomiting most likely after the stress of the blood exam and the transit to the clinic (It was a long way from the couch). At that moment, the worst-case scenario was thought of, she lost 2 kilos. The representative from Miloa had just came by, so we tried a treatment with Hepa Supp TM (without a great conviction it must be said, but it would have been the same with another speciality) When then… The dog started getting better, eating and even gaining 3 kilos in one month. More tests were then done and only a high level of bilirubin was detected, the tests were not pushed further. She had two months of Hepa Supp TM (a double dose in the first month then a simple dose the next) She is now on Royal Canin liver specific dry food and takes Mobility Supp TM as well because she was starting to have pain in her paws but everything is going well now.

Charline M. - Liège