Reno Pro tm

Delta, a 10-year-old spayed Labrador, had an incidental finding of an atrophic kidney when she came to us for a routine consultation in January 2018. The dog had been monitored with regular blood tests, which had not shown up any abnormalities until then (urea and creatinine levels were normal). After an ultrasound scan indicated the kidney problem, a urine analysis was carried out but revealed no abnormalities. Her SDMA (a biomarker for early detection of kidney disease) was high, however, which prompted her owner to agree to start her on renal support treatment with Miloa’s Reno Pro TM (one tablet a day). Since then, Delta has been doing well and has increased her daily water intake (which was low before the treatment began). Good product palatability.

Dr. Sarah Grenet - Veigy Foncenenex